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Future-oriented thanks to digital CAN-BUS controls

The vehicle is controlled centrally via an operating terminal with touchscreen and dial controllers with physical buttons.

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All from one source

Traditional operation includes remote control of the tractor unit (motor, auxiliary drive, rotational frequency), electromechanical air distribution (loosening, top air, exhaust, material accelerator) as well as controls for the blocking agents in the material outflow. Optimised air distribution controls save resources and shorten unloading times. Abstaining from conventional control elements provides more space and provides weight benefits as well.

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The knowledge stays

One major characteristic of Silo 4.0 controls is the integrated database, in which customer and product data can be stored with the corresponding unloading parameters. This allows for optimised unloading across drivers and vehicles. Driver expertise can be saved and pulled up company-wide. Thanks to the intuitive controls and multilingual operation, inexperienced drivers can safely and quickly operate the vehicle. Vehicle circulations are more efficient, and thus easier to plan.

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Geofencing, code scanners or RFID technology help you with loading and prevent unloading at the wrong unloading points. When it comes to critical unloading points, the vehicle can be controlled remotely via app on a tablet. The operator can be present at the location that requires the most attention. Interface communication with dispatching and invoicing systems as well as document management ensure smooth data transfers. Vehicle components like the brake system, tyre pressures or weight can also be incorporated and transmitted over long distances.

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Always by your side

Maintenance management reminds you of any scheduled service work and inspection dates. However, in the event of a component failure, the "Plain language error management" helps minimise workshop and outage times. The vehicle can automatically send the respective information via the integrated GSM/WLAN/Bluetooth interface and prepare for the time at the workshop. An emergency activation lets you empty the vehicle first.
In order to give you a sense of security, we provide a 5-year warranty on select control parts! (excluding parts susceptible to wear)

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Assists you with all of your daily tasks

The functions of the Silo 4.0 controls make your work safer. Tasks like activating the work spotlight when the sun goes down, or placing the vehicle in a safe driving condition, help improve work safety. Countless external components like fill level measurement or configurable weighing systems can be visualised, evaluated and integrated into the controls.


Optimised from top to bottom

Silo 4.0 can also control FFB automated manlids. This renders climbing up to open the manlid before loading the vehicle redundant, and the risk of an accident is reduced. The optional abstention from climbing ladders and walking grantrys, as well as the vehicle structure optimised for Silo 4.0, saves on weight and improves aerodynamics.

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For your safety

The automated evaluation of safety components, such as the excess pressure valves, and datalogging of vehicle and unloading parameters help with process safety and quality improvement. In case of emergency, an "EMERGENCY STOP" disrupts the unloading and places the vehicle in a safe operating mode.

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Moving toward the future together

Software updates and function expansions can be installed at any time via the integrated USB interface (wireless connection under development).

The benefits you obtain when you equip vehicles with Silo 4.0:

  • Suitable for semi-trailers, motorcar structures and trailers

  • Saves on weight and space due to lack of traditional operating elements, improved aerodynamics

  • Central operation of all functions via central oeprating terminal with touchscreen functionality

  • Guided unloading with intuitive menu controls

  • Avoids faulty loading and unloading

  • Optimisation of unloading times, thereby saving on resources

  • Visualisation of blocking agents with precise, recurring target/actual value actuation

  • Memory function for optimal unloading parameters in special database

  • Optional app-supported operation via tablet

  • Traction engine controls regardless of manufacturer

  • Multilingual software with personalised access

  • Can be updated (e.g. function expansion, adjustment of operating surface, etc.)

  • Integration, evaluation, visualisation of external components and control tasks

  • Plain language error management

  • Interface communication on brake system, dispatching or invoicing system, etc., via CAN-BUS and GSM/WLAN/Bluetooth communication module

  • Automatic function test of safety-relevant components, such as excess pressure valve and departure check

  • Digital tagging and logging of unloading parameters, such as container pressure

  • Digital engine immobiliser

  • Improves process safety and quality via avoidance of operating, loading and unloading errors

  • Maintenance management

Have we raised your interest?

If you would like to learn more about the many functions and uses of the Silo 4.0 controls, write us an e-mail at or contact our field office staff. We will be happy to let you know how Silo 4.0 can help you with your daily work.

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