Warranty at Feldbinder

Quality management ensures highest demands.

Comprehensive and profound quality management ensures maximum demands for production and equipment of our special vehicles. However, if any defect is found, we would be glad to check the warranty claims if any. The scope of the warranty applies to FFB plants, STA Silo- und Tankanhänger Service GmbH, FFB service stations and service partners. The aforementioned carry out the warranty-related and goodwill-related work on trailers of Feldbinder on behalf of Feldbinder.


Only Feldbinder decides about warranty-related or goodwill-related repairs. FFB plants, STA Silo- und Tankanhänger Service GmbH, FFB service stations, service partners as well as free workshops receive a reference number from Feldbinder for any warranty-related or goodwill-related work.

The reference number received must be used by company authorised by FFB in the corresponding field on the application form. All the details required on the form must be filled in by the workshop and completed with a rough description of the scope of work and the exact costing.

The filled FFB warranty application must be sent via email to the relevant contact person in the technical Customer Service department or to customer-service@feldbinder.com. The order is considered to be approved if the technical Customer Service department gives the corresponding approval. The costs for the repair are taken over by FBB only at this point. The reference number must always be specified while invoicing the approved work.

Ensure that the forms are exchanged only via e-mail.

Sending Excel protocols, describing the possible defect and the marking on the part is absolutely essential in order to be able to make use of any warranty claims of our pre-suppliers for you.

You can download the FFB warranty application by clicking on the following link:

The free Adobe Reader is required to fill out the PDF form: get_adobe_reader