Liquid tank semi-trailer TSA 30.3-1 ADR

Volume approx. 30 m³

TSA_30.3-1 ADR_BTSA001

Product information

Tank Self-supporting cylindircal pressure tank made of V4A stainless steel.
Compartments Single compartment with 3 baffles.
Manholes 1 x DN 500
3 x additional opening for cleaning DN 300
Discharge One material discharge outlet equipped with interval V4A stainless steel,
bottom discharge valve DN 100/80, operated pneumatically.
Leading out to the rear and is equipped with a V4A stainless steel
butterfly valve DN 80 and TW-coupling with blank cap.
Heating Pressure heater for up to 3 bar working pressure with 4 stainless steel
heating coils fitted in vessel base. Supplied by hot water or steam.
Insulation 100 mm special insulation consisting of 50 mm mineral wool and 50 mm PU hard foam.
Outer shell Highly polished stainless steel. Ends made of plastic.
Catwalk Aluminium catwalk, 400 mm wide, handrail and ladder made of electro-polished stainless steel.
Running gear 3 x 9 t disc brake axle assembly on FFB aluminium hanger brackets,
low maintenance axles and air suspension.
Tyres 6 x 385/65 R 22.5 fitted on forged and dull finished aluminium rims (Alcoa).
Brakes ABS/EBS brake system in accordance with EU regulations.
Spring loading park brake operating on 2 axles.
General information 2 stainless steel hose carriers, 1 toolbox, an analogue thermometer,
customs seal, 1 stainless steel hose deflector.
Lighting, underride protection and side protection in accordance with EU regulations.
Weights Total weight: 34,000 kg
Tare weight: approx. 6,700 kg
Payload: approx. 27,300 kg