Liquid tank semi-trailer TSA 54.3-3 LM

Volume approx. 54 m³


Product information

Tank Cylindrical pressure vessel made of V2A stainless steel.
Compartments 3 compartments with 13.5 / 27 / 13.5 m³ volume
Manholes 3 x DN 500
1 cleaning opening DN 300
Discharge Each compartment with a stainless steel butterfly valve DN 100 mounted
at the bottom of the tank. Delivery lines leading out to the rear and
are equipped with a stainless steel disc valve DN 100 and milk thread with blank cap.
Heating 2 bar pressure heating wiht 4 stainless steel heating coils and heating
connections for hot water or hot steam.
Insulation 100 mm special insulation conisting of 50 mm special wool and 50 mm PU-hardfoam.
Outer shell Highly polished stainlees steel and plastic end walls.
Catwalk Aluminium catwalk, 400 mm wide, handrail and ladder made of electro-polished stainless steel.
Running gear 3 x 9 t disc brake axle assembly on FFB stainless steel mounting,
low maintenance axles and air suspension.
Tyres 6 x 385/65 R 22.5 on forged and dull finished aluminium rims (Alcoa).
Brakes ABS/EBS-brake system in accordance with EU regulations.
Spring parking brake working on two axles.
General information 2 stainless steel hose carriers, 1 tool box, each compartment with analogue thermometer,
custom sealing with acknowkledgement, 1 stainless steel hose-rejector.
Lighting, underrun bumper and sideguards in accordance with EU regulations.
Weights Total weight: 34,000 kg
Tare weight: approx. 8,000 kg
Payload: approx. 26,000 kg