Liquid tank rail wagon BTAN 57.4-1 RID

Volume approx. 57 m³

BTAN 57.4-1 RID

Product information

Category Zacens
Length over buffers 13.100 mm
Distance bet. Bogie pivots 8.060 mm
Wheelset load 22,50 t
GVWR 90,00 t
Tare weight appr. 19,90 t
Payload appr. 70,10 t
Bogies Y25 Lsi (f)- FFB-K
Brake system KE-GP-A-K-4 x 8" with Knorr CFCB braking module
Brakepad Bgu 250 x 80 mm Cosid 810
Buffers Cat. A 30 kJ
Total capacity approx. 57 m³
Operating pressure 3 bar
Test pressure 4 bar
Design pressure 4 bar
Operating temperature -20°C/ +150°C
External pressure 0,5 bar
explosion resist
RID Tankcode L4DH  TC 4
Pressure vessel code RID, EN 14025
Manlid openings DN 500 flanged, chemical dome
Reserve nozzles DN 80 blind flanged
Gas pendulum connection  DN 50 with ball valve - blind flanged
Dip tube DN 80 with ball valve - blind flanged
Filling nozzles DN 150 with adapter - blind flanged
Spillbox insulated with sliding lid
Heating Steam heating with approx. 8m² heating surface
Insulation 150 mm mineral wool with stainless steel cover
Work platform around the dome basin, with docking for leaning ladder