Liquid tank rail wagon BTAN 95.4-1 RID
(Mineral oil)

Volume approx. 95 m³

BTAN 95.4-1

Product information

Category Zacns
Length over buffers 15.700 mm
Distance bet. Bogie pivots 10.160 mm
Wheelset load 22,50 t
GVWR 90,00 t
Tare weight appr. 18,30 t
Payload appr. 71,70 t
Bogies Y25 Lsi (f)- FFB-K
Brake system KE-GP-A-K-4 x 8" with Knorr CFCB braking module
Brakepad Bgu 250 x 80 mm Cosid 810
Buffers Cat. A
Derailment detector Knorr EDT 101
Total capacity approx. 95 m³
Operating pressure 3 bar
Test pressure 4 bar
Design pressure 4 bar
Operating temperature -20°C/ +50°C
External pressure 0,21 bar
explosion resist to TRT
RID Tankcode L4BH
Pressure vessel code RID
Vessel material EN AW 5186 EN 14286
Wall thickness Vessel: 8,4 mm
Dished ends: 12,0 mm
Corrosion allowance 0,3 mm
Mineral oil
Manlind openings DN 500 flap dome with four locking screws
Reserve nozzle DN 80 blind flanged
Vapour recovery nozzle  DN 150 with mechanical-operating ventilation valve
Vapour recovery pipe DN 50 with ventilation flap
Vapour recovery connection DN 65 with blind cap
Outlet pipe DN 100 laid on both sides
Bottom valve DN 100 with machanical actuation
Stop valve DN 100
Coupling Thread 5 ½" with blind cap
Foot grid system Aluminium grid fitted around the valves, without ladder
optional ladder at the front with crossover walkway