Silo container CONS 52.30 PB

Volume approx. 52 m³

Cons 52.30 PB

Product information

Tank Self-supporting pressure vessel with 1 compartment and reinforcement rips welded to the outside made of aluminium.
Vessel with smooth inside walls but without fixures.
Manholes 4 x DN 450
Operating parameter

Test pressure: 2.15 bar
Operating pressure: 1.50 bar
Operating temperature: -40°C / 80°C

Discharge Pneumatic, flanged material discharge bowl DN 600, made of electro-polished stainless steel without aeration inlet. Butterfly valve DN 100, with Rosista coupling and blank cap.
Airline Electro-polished stainless steel manifold with fittings 2”.
Catwalk Aluminium safty platform and aluminium ladder.
Container frame In a suspended welded construction made of an aluminium alloy with aluminium container corners.
1 + 2 units can be stacked. Stacking protection on the container frame.
Test CSC-Approval
UIC-rail codification
Painting 2 tone acrylic paint without lettering.
Weights Total weight: 34,000 kg
Tare weight: approx.2,800 kg
Payload: approx. 31,200 kg