Liquid tank rail wagon BTAN 81.4-1 RID EOX (Ethylenoxid)

Volume approx. 81 m³


Product information

Category Zagns
Length over buffers 15.900 mm
Distance bet. Bogie pivots 10.860 mm
Wheelset load 22,50 t
GVWR 90,00 t
Tare weight ca. 26,50 t
Payload ca. 63,50 t
Bogies Y25 Lsd1
Brake system KE-GP 12"
Brakepad Bg 380 x 80 mm C 810
Buffers Axtone CX 400
Total capacity approx. 81 m³
Operating pressure -
Test pressure 15 bar
Design pressure 15 bar
Operating temperature -40°C/ +50°C
External pressure 1,0 bar
explosion resist to TRT
RID Tankcode P15BH TE22, TE25
Approval TPED/RID
Vessel material 1.4318 DIN EN 10028/7
Wall thickness Vessel: 7,9 mm
Dished ends: 9,3 mm
Corrosion allowance 0,3 mm
Manlind openings DN 500 DIN EN 12561 situated on vessel head opposite the brake platform end.
Outlet line DN 80 insulated.
Bottom valve DN 80 with hydraulic actuator.
Tank globa valve DN 80 Y type.
Coupling TODO Drycoupling DN 80 with blindcap.
Vapour return line DN 80 with insulation and dip pipe inside vessel.
Tap DN 50 Y type.
Hydraulic Actuator Quick closing pump.
Insulation Consists of 2 x 50 mm mineral wool.
Cladding made of stainless steel mirrorfinish surface.
Cladding fixed with stainless steel straps with rubber underlay.
Telematics prefitted