Liquid tank rail wagon BTAN 75.4-1 RID

Volume approx. 75 m³


Product information

Category Zacens
Length over buffers 16.140 mm
Distance bet. Bogie pivots 11.100 mm
Wheelset load 22,50 t
GVWR 90,00 t
Tare weight appr. 23,70 t
Payload appr. 66,30 t
Bogies Y25 Lsi-f
Brake system KE-GP-(K)- 2 x CFCB
Bakepad Bgu 2 x 250 x 80 mm C 810
Buffers Cat. A 32 kJ
Total capacity approx. 75 m³
Operating pressure 3 bar
Test pressure 4 bar
Design pressure 10 bar
Operating temperature -20°C/ +165°C
External pressure 0,6 bar
explosion resist to TRT 010
RID Tankcode L10BH
Pressure vessel code RID
Vessel material 1.4571 DIN EN 10028/7
Wall thickness Vessel: 6,3 mm
Dished ends: 7,1 mm
Corrosion allowance 0,3 mm
Manlid openings DN 500 with 4 T-screw.
Vapour return nozzle DN 150 blind flanged.
Dip pipe DN 80 with ball valve DN 80 and blind flange, Sump beneath dip pipe.
Pressure nozzle DN 40 with ball valve DN 40 and blind flange.
Reserve nozzle DN 150 blind flanged, Steinless steel spillbox around manlid and each nozzles, Spillbox equipped with drain tube each side.
Vapour return line DN 50 prefitted.
Heating system 6 heating channels with heated sump and dip pipe.
Operating pressure 6 bar
Test pressure 9 bar
Outlet line DN 100 with heating jacket and insulation.
Bottom valve DN 100 with manual acuator.
Ball valve DN 100
Coupling 5 ½" thread with plastic blindcap.
Insulation Consists of 100 mm mneral wool with a mirror finished 0,8 mm stainless steel cladding.
Cladding fixed with stainless steel straps with rubber underlay.
Walkway Made of anodized steel around the manlid, steel ladder equipped both side of rail wagon.