Liquid tank rail wagon BTAN 41.4-1 RID

Volume approx. 41 m³


Product Information

Category Zacens
Length over buffers 14.400 mm
Distance bet.bogie pivots 9.360 mm
Wheelset load 22,50 t
GVWR 90,00 t
Tare weight appr. 21,30 t
Payload appr. 68,70 t
Bogies Y25 Lsi-f
Brake system KE-GP-(K)- 2 x CFCB
Brakepad Bgu 2 x 250 80 mm C 810
Buffers Cat. A 32 kJ
Total capacity approx. 41 m³
Operating pressure 3 bar
Test pressure 4 bar
Design pressure 10 bar
Operating temperature -20°C/ + 190°C

External pressure

0,5 bar
explosion resist to TRT
RID Tankcode L10DH TE4, TE6
Pressure vessel code RID/EN 14025
Vessel material 1.4318/ 1.4301 DIN EN 10028/7
Wall thickness Vessel: 6,0 mm
Dished ends: 7,3 mm
Corrosion allowance 0,3 mm
Manlid openings DN 500 with 4 T-screw.
Dip pipe DN 80 with heating jacket and flange connection.
Sump Under dip pipe and manlid.
Vapor return connection DN 50 / 40 fixed on the manlid.
Heating system 6 heating channels with heated sump and dip pipe.
Operating pressure 12 bar
Test pressure 18 bar
Insulation Consists of 200 mm mineral wool with zinc/aluminium anodised steel cladding.
Stainless steel cladding around the manlid and dip pipe.
Walkway Made of anodized steel aroung the manlid, steel ladder equippes both side of rail wagon.