Silo rail wagon BEUT 128.4-6/1 RID (pulverized lignite)

Volume approx. 128 m³

BEUT 128

Product information

Category Uacns
Total length, including buffers 20.840 mm
Distance between bogie pivots 15.800 mm
Wheelset load 22,50 t
GVWR 90,00 t
Tare weight approx. 20,30 t
Payload approx. 69,70 t
Bogies Y25 Lsi(f)-FFB-K
Brake system KE-GP-A (K)-4x8“ with Knorr CFCB-brake element
Buffers category A 32 kJ
Operation TEN RIV
Gauge TSI-GW G1
Minimum curve radius 75 m
Temperature class TRIV
Total volume 128 m³
Operating pressure 2,5 bar / -0,05 bar
Test pressure 3,25 bar
Calculated pressure 3,25 bar
Operating temperature -20°C / +80°C
Tankcode SGAN
Vessel material AW-5186 / AW-5083 DIN EN 14286
Wall Thickness Vessel: 6,4 / 8,3 mm
Dished ends: 8,3 mm
pulverized lignite
Manlid openings Four manlid openings DN 500 with four bolts DN 400
Discharge line DN 125. Connection on both sides with Storz DN 125 coupling.
Six butterfly valves, DN 200, which can be operated from both sides.
Aeration Aeration pad insert.
Air supply DN 80. Connection on both sides with Storz DN 80 coupling.