Feldbinder silo rail wagons

The use of aluminium as a Vessel material has also proven its worth in the railway transportation sector. The biggest advantage of the use of aluminium over the use of conventional steel materials lies in the fact that using aluminium reduces the dead weight and is advantageous as regards the payload. When combined with our Y25-Lsi(f)-FFB-K truck, the method of equipping the wagons with innovative CFCB compact braking modules enhances this increase in the carrying capacity. We currently offer Uacns with  volumes of 73 m³, 82 m³ and 112 m³ for the transportation of neutral powder-granular and bulk materials. The BEUT 128, with a container volume of 128 m³, was developed in accordance with the RID to facilitate the transportation of pulverised lignite. Furthermore, the pressure vessel concept featured in our wagons, the modern pneumatic discharge systems and an optimised and easy-to-clean material guidance system guarantee the shortest possible unloading times. Furthermore, the double-sided arrangement of all the discharge system ensures ease of handling during unloading operations. The FFB silo wagons can be equipped with aluminium discharge systems, stainless steel discharge systems, slit aeration systems or solimar aeration systems, depending on the intended use. Furthermore, our silo wagons can, in accordance with directive 2014/68/EU and/or the RID, be authorised to carry out the task of transporting non-hazardous or hazardous materials.