Production utilising the latest technology

High quality standards for cost effective and durable vehicles.

We are completely aware of this fact and have thus given top priority to the process of attaining the quality-related targets associated with our silo trucks, road tankers, rail wagons and containers. The sales and construction departments will work with you to develop the ideal solution for your transportation tasks, based on your requirements.

Our solutions to our customer’s  requirements are based on a combination of highly sophiticated manufacturing skills, many of them developed in-house and the individual product handling solutions our customers desire. Our broad experience of all types of product handling, shipment and discharge in prime condition have been developed over many years of development. Close co-operation and effective communication involving discharge trial and test pieces if necessary between customers, sales and our design engineers combine experience and flexibility to offer the best solutions. We pride ourselves in the educated experience of all levels of manufacturing employment and our ability to maintain quality levels. Coupled to our conscious decision to develop a large in-house but flexible production facility we can respond to changing demands in the product conveyance and transport industries.

As before, we continue to place our trust in Germany as a location. ‘Made in Germany’ is considered to be a seal of quality that is recognised all over the world. Quality, flexibility and reliability are very important to the family-owned Feldbinder corporation and we consider these factors to be indispensable.

Production utilising the latest technology

Our clients cherish the high quality of goods produced by Feldbinder and the high service quality

It is an open secret that these factors represent the foundations of long-lasting relationships with clients as well as customer satisfaction, and this doesn’t just apply to our sector. And our success bears us out. The process associated with the fulfilment of our quality standards is based on two pillars:

Firstly, our in-house quality assurance department ensures a seamless quality control process that covers everything right from the delivery of the raw materials and the production process to the final products.

Secondly, regularly scheduled supervision and assessment operations that are carried out by recognised testing institutes ensure that the legal regulations and standards are adhered to.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

We have been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1993. When it comes to selecting our suppliers, we lay special emphasis on internal and external inspections.