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Customer acceptance of vehicle no. 60,000 in front of historical backdrop

Delivery after Comercial Vehicle Show to Turners Soham Ltd.

On April 3rd and 4th, 2019, the transfer of the 1,000th Feldbinder vehicle to our long-standing English customer, the forwarding company Turners Soham Ltd., took place in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Since 1991, Feldbinder and Turner have been maintaining a very close business relationship. This vehicle is also a very special vehicle for us as a manufacturer - it is the 60,0000th vehicle order since the company was founded by Otto Feldbinder and Jan-Dirk Beckmann in 1975. The vehicle presentation took place in front of the famous Thesis Door at the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

The company owner, Paul Day, and his two employees Timothy King and Philip Walker were very satisfied with their anniversary vehicle. "This vehicle is very special for us," they agreed. "We always value Feldbinder's reliability, ease, and capability for innovation. During our production tour today, we have seen the great commitment of all employees at Feldbinder in working on the high product quality. We can see that, thanks to the great expertise of the employees, our requirements for the vehicles have become a reality." From the Feldbinder company, Dirk Feldbinder, Dr Nina Lorea, and Wolf-Dietrich Kley (executive management), Peter Boost (operations management), Karsten Bergmann (sales management), as well as Ian Swan and Shaun Hurst for Feldbinder UK Ltd. were present. The anniversary vehicle is the second in a series of ten, which will be delivered to the English major customers.

The tank semi-trailer with a capacity of 28 m³ and a weight of only 6.5 tonnes is specially designed for the transport of liquid foodstuffs and will transport glucose in the future. It will be presented at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham from April 30th, 2019, together with the 800th DAF tractor in the Turners fleet at Feldbinder's stall. Other highlights at the show in Birmingham are the newly developed Silo4.0 technology and a pneumatic swivel dome cover.

190404 Fahrzeugnummer 60.000 an Turners Soham Ltd. (2) (Groß).jpg190404 Fahrzeugnummer 60.000 an Turners Soham Ltd. (1) (Groß).jpg190404 Fahrzeugnummer 60.000 an Turners Soham Ltd. (3) (Groß).jpg