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Feldbinder launches tank wagons made of titanium

The Zacens 57 as a lightweight alternative to enamelled steel tanks

With the BTAN 57, Feldbinder proves that it is worth trying to do something new. The first four-axle titanium tank wagon satisfies all along the line. 30 percent more transport volume due to the 40 percent lower weight of the wagon compared to the existing enamelled wagons - this improves the environmental balance and lowers logistics costs at the same time. The challenge of including a titanium rail wagon to the portfolio tallies with Feldbinder's aspiration for technology leadership. On behalf of the customer On Rail, Feldbinder designed a weight-optimised tank wagon of the Zacens class with a 57 m³ container for the transport of molten monochloroacetic acid (MCA). This raw material is used in a variety of products, such as Cola drinks, pesticides, dyes, or medicines. Since March, the first BTAN 57.4-1 RID have also passed the practical test at the chemical manufacturer CABB with flying colours. By the end of the year, all 15 tank wagons ordered shall be in operation.p>

The fourth titanium wagon will be presented at the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich from June 3rd to 7th, 2019.

You will find detailed information in our press release:

1904 Feldbinder_PM_BTAN 57 Titan_EN.pdf (352.63 kB)

190328_BTAN 57.4-1 (Titan) (Schweißarbeiten im Behälter).jpg190328_BTAN 57.4-1 (Titan) (Titanbehälter Endboden-Montage).jpg190328_BTAN 57.4-1 (Titan) (Titankesselwagen 2).jpg190328_BTAN 57.4-1 (Titan) (Titankesselwagen).jpg

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