Feldbinder Liquid tank rail wagons

Thanks to the utilisation of the most modern technologies and production processes, our stainless steel tank wagons satisfy the highest quality standards and completely fulfil the requirements of the operators. In the Zacens series, Feldbinder offers 3 different types with  volumes ranging from 40 m³ to 75 m³. These are well-suited for the task of transporting hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. They can also be adapted to facilitate the transportation of sulphur (BTAN 41.4-1). The Zacens can be produced in conjunction with top or bottom discharge, whereby the bottom discharge can be actuated either mechanically or hydraulically. The container is insulated with the help of mineral wool and the BTAN tank is heated using external heating channels containing superheated steam in order to facilitate the transportation of liquids. Furthermore, our portfolio of tank wagons also features the BTAN 81, which can be used to transport ethylene oxide UN1040 as per RID class 2. Tank wagons manufactured by Feldbinder are licensed in accordance with the RID and the TSI regulations associated with wagons and noise. They also have above-average carrying capacities because the wagons are equipped with innovative CFCB compact braking modules. Furthermore, we lay special emphasis on ensuring that the containers, lines and outlets in our products are easy to clean.