Transport more...

with the lightweight silo and liquid tankers from Feldbinder

Are you a transport specialist who doesn't like to compromise?
We develop and manufacture customer-specific special trailers, containers and wagons that can do exactly what you need.

Do you want to avoid constant repairs?
We manufacture with German quality and precision. We are proud of our experienced employees, as well as our manufacturing locations in Germany.

Do you want to innovate and lead the way in your industry?
Our designers understand the specifics of your goods. We develop silo and tank trailers that can be easily loaded and unloaded by your drivers in record time. Our many years of experience help us to think outside the box and find more efficient solutions for you.

Do you value technical support even after years?
With FFB there is no expiry date for good service. No matter if major repairs, maintenance or spare parts service. We will help you in our own service depots, regardless of you vehicle age or condition.

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Feldbinder spare parts service

As Europe's premier manufacturers of silos and liquid tankers, FFB also offer a comprehensive parts range as part of our product support package. FFB manufactured, as well as wide selection of proprietary parts are readily available through our service stations. A copy of our parts catalogue, in various formats is available, or alternatively, please contact us for advice.


Fast & reliable spare parts service

Find out more about our comprehensive spare parts service, our wide selection of proprietary parts, and the shortcut ordering options.

Online catalogue

Get quick and easy to your suitable spare parts and accessories.

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